Sunday, July 27, 2014


              I don't know if you've heard but tourism is down. Birthrights are half-empty, study- abroad programs are canceling on their students, and families are postponing their trips to the Holy Land. I feel it is my solemn duty as a member in good standing of Israeli society that I help turn this ship around. 
              Should I talk about the beautiful Mediterranean Sea? The historically and spiritually unparalleled sites? The gorgeous guys and gals? We already know all that. What you may not know is that a trend is sweeping the country, and all it will cost you is FIVE SHEKEL! "Five shekel!?" you ask. How can this be? Even a small cup of cafe hafuch (cappuccino) is at least 8 shekel here in Jerusalem. Not anymore!
             My new obsession is the Cofix and Cofizz coffee shop chains popping up all over Israel. From the outside, all it looks like is a sleek little cafeteria, selling sandwiches, pastries and beverages. But one cursory look at the menu will shock and delight you: every single item is five shekel! Want a sandwich? 5 shek! A fresh squeezed juice? 5 shekel! An iced coffee to feed your newly acquired iced coffee addiction? Just 5 shekel! These stores are not only ubiquitous in larger Israeli cities like Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, but they are shaping the prices of the cafes that surround them! Popping up all over Ben Yehuda these days are cafes, coffee houses and bakeries, touting fresh and delicious treats for one small coin!
               To be fair, Cofix is the brand that truly has my heart. In addition to all the usual goodies, Cofix has a full bar, offering a glass of wine, beer or even something harder (if you're into that sort of thing) for just 5 shekel! And this ain't no happy hour, kids! If you are a weirdo who likes an 11 AM glass of vino, you can have one for just 5 shekel! So popular is Cofix, a long line every night has made Cofix more popular than any other bar in town! Additionally, they sell various kitchen utensils and pre-shabbat goodies, all for that magical price.
               I know it seems as though this is an ad, but I am not getting paid (although I am certainly not opposed!) I am simply putting the word out to both those on their way here and those on the fence about visiting. Just another wonderful reason to make Israel your next vacation destination.
Here is my offer to you- come on home to us and visit! I will buy you a beer!


  1. Sounds good!!! Except I want an iced coffee instead!! ;)